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Here you can find out all about Happy City’s ground-breaking Thriving Places Index, which measures how well areas are doing at growing the conditions for equitable, sustainable wellbeing.

Until now there has been no consistent and accessible framework that uses local level indicators to measure and inform progress towards supporting the wellbeing of all citizens, now and in the future. Happy City’s Index of Thriving Places is designed to fill this gap – to provide a robust reporting framework to support decision-makers in local areas to improve lives on the ground and to help shift the focus, place by place, towards measuring what matters.

Truly thriving places provide a range of local conditions that are multi-dimensional. The Thriving Places Index balances a range of conditions at a local level with how well those benefits are being equitably delivered and within environmental limits.

Thriving Places Index Framework illustration

The Index is ready to be used now. By making what matters more visible the index can support today’s change-makers from all walks of life to implement policies and actions and monitor progress in improving lives. Find out more about Index aims, objectives, audiences and uses here.

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