Welcome to the Thriving Places Index

The Thriving Places Index helps to answer three important questions. Are we creating the right local conditions for people to thrive? Are we doing that equitably, so everyone can thrive, and sustainably, so current and future generations can thrive?

Created by Centre for Thriving Places it's designed to give a balanced framework and an easily read ‘dashboard’ of information on the different elements that support the wellbeing of people, places and the planet. It cuts across different sectors, interests and policy areas and is structured to provide a rigorous and practical road map to better policy and action at the local level.

When creating the conditions for equitable, sustainable wellbeing becomes a shared goal across a town, city or region, real and rapid progress can be made towards a better future.


The TPI is much more than an annual snapshot. It is a new compass for the 21st Century – a practical tool for designing and delivering better places for people and planet.

It provides:

  • Shared set of goals for cross-sector, joined up, multi-disciplinary working.
  • Framework for better policy-making, budgeting, planning, procurement, commissioning, monitoring and collaborative placemaking.
  • Powerful communication tool to engage citizens and diverse stakeholders in a sustainable wellbeing approach to change.
  • The framework itself is being used every day by communities, organisations large and small, funders and local governments to help guide policy, decision making, learning and action at all levels. Get in touch with CTP if you’re interested in working with us to:
  • Use or adapt the Thriving Places Index to create a bespoke Wellbeing Economy framework for YOUR place
  • Get support to create and embed a wellbeing approach across your organisation or local region including tools, guidance, training, facilitation and support
  • Research the connections between the many drivers of a thriving place – we make the wealth of evidence and research out there accessible and applicable to where you are.

What are thriving places?

Thriving places support our individual and societal wellbeing. A thriving place provides the conditions for everyoneus to find good work, feel supported, live healthily, and have their needs met fairly, both now and in the future.

What drives a thriving place is complicated - but the Thriving Places Index brings together all the best research on the drivers of wellbeing, and the most relevant and up to date data to present a compelling and clear picture of how different local authority areas support people’s wellbeing.

By looking at a much broader picture of what supports the wellbeing of communities, the TPI’s asset-based approach shows what’s already going well and highlights that different areas experience different challenges. See an England overview map and compare multiple areas using our interactive map tool.

About Centre for Thriving Places

Founded in 2010, Centre for Thriving Places helps put the wellbeing of people and planet at the heart of decision making in towns, cities and regions across the UK. We have gained a global reputation for combining academic rigour with practical, accessible and adaptable tools that support positive change. Our consulting, training and measurement tools help put a wellbeing approach into practice, supporting people, place and planet to thrive.

About the Centre for Urban Wellbeing

The Centre for Urban Wellbeing have partnered with CTP for the Thriving Places Index England 2022 update. It a new multi-disciplinary centre at the University of Birmingham established in 2020 to support interdisciplinary and community-engaged research informed by the best global evidence to address urban wellbeing inequalities.

About Triodos Bank

The Thriving Places Index England 2022 update is sponsored by Triodos Bank UK. Triodos Bank is a leading expert in sustainable banking. Their mission is to make money work for positive change.


The Thriving Places Index is a brilliant tool for debating what we think matters most in our lives, exploring just how different parts of the UK are doing, and asking why there are such vast differences between them. This is just the kind of metric needed to steer us wisely through the 21st century.

Kate Raworth – Economist and Author of Doughnut Economics

To build an economy that delivers wellbeing for people and the planet, we need systemic transformation that starts where people are. The Thriving Places Index does exactly that: it starts where people are, and measures success through the lens of wellbeing. Metrics like these are vital because they open up conversations about the purpose of the economy, and what living good lives actually means in our communities.

Dr Katherine Trebeck, Advocacy and Influencing lead at the Wellbeing Economy Alliance and author of The Economics of Arrival

The Thriving Places Index and the work of the Centre for Thriving Places gives government, policy-makers, public services and people an exciting alternative to measuring Gross Domestic Product as the only marker of well-being.

Sophie Howe – Future Generations Commissioner, Welsh Government